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Grass-roots leadership devoted to poverty alleviation in poor village


Updated: 2020-08-24

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Tian Yi, Party secretary of Luanzheng village, works in the cattle breeding base. [Photo/]

Tian Yi, who has worked for more than four years as the Party secretary of Luanzheng village, Nanxu town, Long'an county in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has made great efforts to lifted impoverished villagers out of poverty through the development of the collective economy.

Luanzheng village is located in a karst mountain area, on mostly dry land with several forests. As one of the 56 most deeply impoverished villages in Nanning, the village was badly lacking in transportation infrastructure and almost every family raised cows and horses to cultivate the land and carry crops.

"I came to Luanzheng village in February 2016. It was very poor and had no collective village assets," said Tian Yi, adding that the lack of village-level collective economic development was a major shortcoming in terms of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Since he stationed himself in the village, Tian has been planning how to develop the village-level collective economy and encourage villagers to participate in it.

After discussions with village cadres, Tian decided to guide people to develop the cattle industry. The local government used support funds to build industrial bases and introduce enterprises, providing them with support with regards to water, electricity, roads, land transfers, and more. The village collective cooperates with the enterprise through two forms of leasing and shareholding which distribute dividends to villagers.

According to Tian, in 2019, Luanzheng village achieved a village-level collective economic income of 247,500 yuan ($35,811.97) and has gained 200,000 yuan so far this year. It is estimated that the total collective economic income can reach 280,000 yuan in 2020.

Industrial bases have been built in all five villages in Luanzheng, including four cattle bases and one pig breeding base. At present, the four cattle bases have more than 230 cattle, driving 380 farmers in the village to raise 850 cattle. 453 cattle are raised by poor households.

The pig breeding base was constructed by the village collective and is operated by an experienced company. More than 1,100 hogs were slaughtered in 2019, and the village-level collective economic income reached 100,000 yuan. The second phase of the pig breeding base was put into use in April this year. The output value is expected to reach 38 million yuan this year, bringing more than 120,000 yuan into the village-level collective economy.

The growth of the village-level collective economy of Luanzheng village is helping increase the income of villagers. In 2018, Luanzheng village shook off poverty successfully and the poverty incidence rate of the whole village dropped to 0.7 percent in 2019.