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Post-'90s generation cadre devoted to poverty alleviation in Guangxi


Updated: 2020-08-21

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Zhong Jinhong inspects the operating conditions of a smart distribution box. [Photo by Wu Mingjiang/]

Zhong Jinhong is an employee of the Guangxi subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid, China's second largest grid company, who has been stationed in Posuo village in Donglan county, Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, to help people get rid of poverty.

The village is one of the poorest villages in Donglan county, a key national poverty-alleviation county. It is geographically remote, with many mountains and just a small amount of mainly hilly farmland. In 2015, Posuo village had 220 poor households with 808 impoverished people, giving it a poverty incidence rate of 31.1 percent, and making it the village with the highest rates of poverty in Donglan.

With the support of China Southern Power Grid, the village has been given access to water, electricity and roads, and has developed various industries. In 2016, the entire village was successfully lifted out poverty.

In order to help Posuo village consolidate the results of this poverty alleviation, win a decisive battle against poverty, and build a beautiful and happy countryside, the Guangxi subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid continued to send cadres to help the village, and so Zhong Jinhong was dispatched in 2019.

Last year, Zhong worked with local cadres and villagers to develop wealth-making industries based on conditions 'on the ground'. He actively helped the village take the lead in building a rural e-commerce platform in the county, which later helped sell high-quality agricultural products - including rice, soybeans, and camellia oil - processed and packaged by farming cooperatives in the village.

In 2019, Posuo village sold 810,000 yuan ($116,937.93) of agricultural products, benefiting 2,625 people, and the village's collective economic income exceeded 220,000 yuan.

"With the strong support of the local government and China Southern Power Grid, this year we will continue to focus on the breeding industry and poverty alleviation workshop projects and strive to earn a village collective economy of 500,000 yuan," said Zhong confidently.