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Guilin assists overseas Chinese, HK, Macao-funded enterprises


Updated: 2020-08-04

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In recent years, relevant departments of the Guilin government at all levels have focused on promoting the development of enterprises funded by overseas Chinese investors, as well as investors from Hong Kong and Macao by upgrading service quality.

As of the end of June this year, Guilin has 710 enterprises funded by overseas Chinese investors or by investors from Hong Kong and Macao, accounting for 68 percent of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises in the city. The investment amount accounted for 61 percent of Guilin's actual utilization of foreign capital.

Guilin has continuously increased the promotion of its policies and regulations concerning overseas Chinese by distributing publicity materials and setting up consultation desks. In-depth guidance on policies and regulations for overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macao-funded enterprises has been conducted to enhance the awareness of enterprises to operate, as well as protect their rights in accordance with the law.

The city has attached great importance on the implementation of policies and regulations. During the COVID-19 epidemic this year, preferential policies issued by the nation, autonomous region, and the city during the epidemic period to reduce business expenses, as well as to ensure normal production and operation of enterprises have been detailed to guide overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, and Macao-funded enterprises to relieve their difficulties.

In addition, Guilin organizes 40 to 50 businessmen to participate in the tourism exhibition of China-ASEAN Expo every year to promote exchanges and cooperation, as well as to make positive contributions to Guilin's exhibition economy. Enterprises are also encouraged to participate in public welfare and charitable undertakings, such as education, industry, and medical poverty alleviation, in Guilin.