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Guangxi boosts ties with ASEAN countries via sports


Updated: 2020-05-28

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The rapid development of sports in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, especially the landing of several international events, has promoted cooperation and exchanges with ASEAN countries.

Guangxi has been committed to introducing major international sports events since 2016. In 2019, it held a total of 282 major events above the autonomous region-level, including 77 international competitions. In particular, the Belt and Road Intl Regatta, which was successfully established for the first time, was held in Guangxi Beihai, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia gaining wide international attention.

Relying on its advantageous location, Guangxi has actively promoted sports exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN countries.

Guangxi has held a number of international sports events, which greatly enhanced friendship between China and ASEAN countries. The Guangxi Sports Bureau has carried out exchanges and cooperation projects with ASEAN countries, such as sports talent training, as well as provided training opportunities for countries in need through resource sharing and other means. In addition, sports exchanges also brought cultural, economic and trade, as well as tourism cooperation between both sides.

"The events and activities held in Guangxi are important platforms for deepening the friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, comprehensively displaying the prospects for the integrated development of sports, culture, tourism, and commerce, as well as further enhancing Guangxi's popularity, reputation, and influence," said Lu Yiwen, deputy director of the Guangxi Sports Bureau.


Lu Yiwen, deputy director of the Guangxi Sports Bureau, takes part in an interview. [Photo by Yang Zhixiong/]