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Guangxi enters final stage in fight against poverty


Updated: 2020-05-26

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Chen Wu, chairman of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and an NPC deputy. [Photo/]

Over the past four years, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has lifted 4.5 million people out of poverty and reduced the incidence of poverty from 10.5 percent to 0.6 percent. A total of 46 impoverished counties and 4,719 impoverished villages in the region have been lifted out of poverty.

At present, there are still 660 villages, as well as eight deep and extremely impoverished counties in Guangxi, with a total of 240,000 impoverished people.

Chen Wu, chairman of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and a deputy to the National People's Congress, said in an interview that Guangxi will focus its efforts on the following aspects to ensure the high-quality completion of its poverty alleviation goals and tasks.

Measures will be taken to promote the resumption and production of poverty alleviation projects, enterprises, and workshops, while completing regular COVID-19 epidemic control measures, he said. Impoverished laborers will be sent back to work as soon as possible and public welfare positions will be set up for impoverished people. Moreover, multiple channels are being developed to solve the sales problems of agricultural and livestock products, such as issuing consumption vouchers, developing e-commerce, and carrying out live streaming.

The remaining impoverished counties and villages with a high incidence of poverty will be supervised by governments at different levels. The focus on funds, projects, and policies will be strengthened in deeply impoverished areas, Chen added.

Guangxi will strengthen the development and construction of compulsory education, basic medical services, safe housing, and healthy drinking water infrastructure.

The region will also continue to fight hard in its poverty alleviation efforts by focusing on poverty alleviation industries, poverty alleviation and relocation, village collective economy, infrastructure construction, as well as cooperation between Guangdong and Guangxi in poverty alleviation.

"With a more rigorous work style and more precise measure, Guangxi will fight hard to conquer the last bastion of poverty, and strive to submit a satisfactory answer to the nation and the people of Guangxi," Chen stressed.