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Zhuang Medicine (Zhuang Acupuncture Therapy)


Updated: 2020-03-25

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Zhuang Medicine (Zhuang Acupuncture Therapy) is a popular traditional medical technique of the Zhuang nationality in southeastern Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. It ignites medicine vines, which are made of plant canes used in traditional Zhuang medicine, which are pressed against certain acupoints on the surface of the body or on the affected part to achieve treatment and prevention of diseases.

Zhuang doctors believe that the stimulation through the medicine vines has the functions of an analgesic, reducing itching, expelling wind, serving as an anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation, as well as removing stasis and swelling.


A professor shows Zhuang medicine vines during a lecture. [Photo by Han Dinghong/]

The therapy requires only medicine vines and one lamp. It has no pain, no scars, and is safe and reliable. A slight burning sensation will occur during moxibustion and disappear immediately. It has no environmental pollution effects as no smoke is formed after the medicine vine is lit.

In addition, it has great curative effects, low costs, and is easy to learn and use, which is especially suitable for popularization in vast rural areas and remote mountainous areas.

On May 23, 2011, Zhuang Medicine (Zhuang Acupuncture Therapy) was approved by the State Council to be listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.


On-site demonstration of Zhuang Acupuncture Therapy. [Photo/]