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Guangxi to reduce start-up time of enterprises


Updated: 2019-10-24

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Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region will further reduce the start-up time of enterprises by opening up shared channels between different levels and departments' information systems to optimize business processes and improve interdepartmental coordination.

This will decrease the amount of time needed to complete the three necessary steps for new enterprises: registration, seal engraving and invoice application. By the end of 2018, newly established enterprises in the urban area of Nanning in Guangxi will be able to do all three within three working days.

By 2019, the above model will be extended to an additional 13 other cities and districts before being rolled out across the region the following year.

The government of the autonomous region expressly requires that the people's governments of all districts, cities and counties take full responsibility for shortening the start-up time of enterprises, supervising and implementing the process to ensure measures are effective.

The national requirement regarding the maximum start-up time of enterprises is 8 working days, while Shanghai and other places have set a target of 5 working days. At present, only Jiangsu province has realized the start-up time of enterprises within three days.

If Guangxi achieves this goal, it will become one of the fastest provinces in the country.