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Guangxi invests 3.58b yuan in agro-ecological industry belt


Updated: 2018-10-25

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Since 2016, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region has consolidated a total of 3.58 billion yuan ($515.66 million) in funds to invest in the construction of an agro-ecological industry belt along the Xijiang River.

At present, Guangxi has built 35 autonomous regional agricultural ecological core demonstration bases and 91 county-level modern agricultural core ecological demonstration bases or ecological breeding demonstration sites across the entire basin.

A total of 1,730 modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zones were established, covering an area of 13.5 million mu (900,000 hectares) and helping 107,500 people increase their income and get out of poverty.

The pilot counties in the river basin have realized the ecologicalization of industrial development, the cleanliness of farmland environments, the integration of agricultural functions, and the urbanization of rural human settlements.

The Xijiang River system in Guangxi, whose river system also incorporates the Zuojiang River, the Youjiang River, the Hongshui River, the Liujiang River, the Xiujiang River, the Guijiang River and the Hejiang River covers 11 districts and cities and 55 counties.

The total agricultural output value of the Xijiang River system accounts for more than 80 percent of the region, and has an important strategic position in the construction of ecological civilization in Guangdong and Guangxi.

In the past two years, Guangxi has created a network of high-standard ecological food, fruits, green vegetables, high-quality silkworms, healthy breeding, leisure agriculture and other ecological fusion demonstration bases, which will drive the green development of agriculture in the whole basin.

The project is a model demonstration of modern agriculture development with outstanding industry, advanced technology, complete facilities, perfect mechanisms and remarkable benefits.