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Beihai National High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Updated: 2018-08-28

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Beihai National High-tech Industrial Development Zone [Photo/]

Beihai National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereafter referred to as Beihai High-tech Zone) was founded in 2001. In February 2015, it was officially approved by the State Council as a national high-tech industrial development zone.   

The Beihai High-tech Zone has consistently implemented the development strategy of "innovation-driven" and "one zone, multi-parks", and constructed the industrial space layout of "complementary and dislocation development" in the core area and policy radiation area, forming three leading industries including software, electricity and electronics, and marine organism, as well as characteristic industries such as e-commerce, cultural creativity, services outsourcing and Internet. 

Moreover, several innovation and entrepreneurship service platforms have been built, including the China National Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) - Beibu Gulf, property rights trading, technological innovation R & D, and scientific and technological resources and information sharing.

The zone boasts numerous incubation bases and carriers such as the high-tech entrepreneurship park (Beihai Cultural Industrial Park), e-commerce incubator, technology entrepreneurship base, Yinhe City Science and Technology Industry City, and Beibu Gulf Marine Science and Technology Innovation Port. The constructions of software and information service industrial base and o2o cross-border e-commerce industrial park have been pushing forward. One academician workstation and five public creative spaces have been built, gradually promoting the zone to form a relatively perfect ecological system of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2017, among the 147 national high-tech zones in China, the comprehensive ranking of the zone rose from 93rd to 88th. The park was successively honored as the "National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator", "National Demonstration Base of E-Commerce", "National Demonstration Base for Small and Micro-sized Enterprises Entrepreneurship", "National Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park", and "Guangxi Cultural Industrial Park".